Very few documents or pieces of text are ever perfect. And most texts prepared by non-native speakers have at least several mistakes in them, which detract from their message and credibility. Let us help you present your ideas in a clear and professional style that helps you communicate with your clients and partners.

Editing services generally fall into three categories, depending on the amount of work needed to produce quality content:

Light editing or proofreading

Correcting small mistakes in advanced grammar makes the difference between a document that looks professional and well prepared, and a document that does not. A common mistake of many companies is the use of text that is almost perfect… but is not perfect. Investing in this last stage of the process is extremely important to high-level business communication.

Standard editing

We will take your text, edit it in whatever way is necessary, and return to you a clean, professional document that reads perfectly, while still maintaining your corporate message and tone.

Heavy editing

Sometimes text needs to be partially re-written to bring it up to standard. We will extract the meaning and themes of your text and re-work in whatever way is necessary to make your point and get your message across, even if it means styling large parts of your document.

Our experienced and professional editors regularly edit a wide variety of documents and media, including:

Articles and reports


Website content

Essays and thesis





Press releases


To ensure the highest standard of work, all edited text is read over by at least two native speakers (typically one editor and one senior editor) before delivery.

Email writing and editing

Many executives, and regular personnel too, often spend most of their working day writing emails. If you are writing in a language that is not your native tongue, the process can take even longer. Why not outsource it to someone who has the language abilities, writing skills and business mindedness to produce professional emails quickly and exactly the way you would like?

Send us an outline of what you would like to say, or send us the Turkish version, and we will write you a clear, concise business email, often in under 20 minutes. We can also edit your English email content even quicker than that. Just send them to us before you send them to your client and we will make sure that your communication is lucid, professional and clear. Don’t let bad English (or any other language) reduce your ablity to do business.

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