We offer accurate and quick translation services provided by bilingual native speakers. Usually, translation services are needed by people who have limited knowledge of the target language, so reliability and trust are extremely important to our clients. We are proud to have worked with a large number of companies, covering a wide range of subjects, in most European and Middle Eastern languages, including:


  • English
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Farsi



  • Manuals
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Websites
  • Screenplays and television scripts
  • Video transcription and translation




  • Training
  • Financial
  • Human resources
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Entertainment
  • Help desks
  • Information technology
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Oil and gas
  • Software
  • Hospitality

To ensure that all assignments meet the highest editorial standards, all copy is proofread by a native speaker before being delivered to the client. This step is often overlooked by translation companies and customers, but makes the difference between a professional job and an unprofessional job.

In addition to being trained translators, our personnel have the experience and qualifications to undertake specialised and industry-specific translations in the following fields:

Academic Translation

Many of our customers work in academic fields, including educational institutions, both public and private. All of our staff have higher education qualifications in a range of fields, and many have Master's degrees in areas as diverse as history, criminology and energy. All academic translations are proofread by an editor with an academic background before being retuned to the client. Confidentiality, accuracy and speed are our main priorities.

In the field of academic translation, most of our work centers on translating articles, research papers, lecturers’ notes, undergraduate theses, masters theses, Phd theses, academic articles, magazines and books.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is a sensitive and specialized area that is reserved for specialists with a background in law and solicitation. Legal terminology and procedures and the importance of legal documents mean that legal translation is a challenge that we take very seriously. Here, confidentiality and accuracy are particularly important.

All translations are proofread by an editor with an academic background before being retuned to the client. In the field of legal translation, most of our work centers on translating lawsuit petitions, customs reports, legal agreements, legal tenders, contracts, petitions, court decisions, civil code, property law, insurance law, witness statements, commercial agreements, power of attorney proceedings.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is another area of work where close attention to detail and a deep understanding of terminology and procedures is critical. As such only translators with an educational or professional background in medical disciplines are used. All medical translations are proofread by an editor before being returned to the client.

In the field of medical translation, most of our work centers on translating clinical reports, patents, laboratory tests, diagnostics reports and analysis certification.

Website Translation

In this day and age few businesses even get off the ground without a website. And given the internet’s disregard for national borders, translating your website’s content and tailoring it to difference cultures is more important than ever. Our translating team will turn your website into a tool that speaks to local populations anywhere you are hoping to find business, using native speakers to translate information, and another one to proofread it. Confidentiality is of very high importance to our website translation clients, and is something that we take into account in all our areas of business.

Subtitling and Dubbing

Video knows no borders… And nor should it. We have transcribed and/or translated audio content for TV series, movies, documentaries and presentations to and from a wide range of languages. Sensitivity to the message of the source, as well as cultural awareness of the target language is central to a good subtitling job. All work also passes through an editing process before being returned to a client.

Please see Voiceover Services for more information on dubbing.

Commercial Translation

Commerce is a very wide area of work, encompassing most companies’ online involvement. Confidentiality agreements are typically signed before work starts, and jobs are allocated to our translators on the basis of their professional or educational backgrounds. All work is edited and proofread before being delivered to the client.

Most of our commercial work includes the translation of banking documents, quotations, tenders, invoices, logistics documents, contracts, patents, commercial agreements, cash flow statements and certificates of compliance.

Technical Translation

Dealing with technical terminology can be one of the most difficult parts of a translator’s job. As such, it is important that technical translations are undertaken by a translator who is familiar with the subject matter in both the source and the target language. We aim to provide the best and most reliable service by using our wide network of different people from various professional and academic disciplines. All technical translations are edited and proofread before being returned to the client.

The majority of our technical translation work has been for companies working in the energy industry, the construction or real estate industry, the mechanics industry, pharmaceuticals, the aviation industry, the chemicals industry and the electronics or electric industry.

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